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Software, Full-Stack Developer
Freelance, and on-premise
IntelliJ IDEA - IDE IntelliJ IDEA - IDE
Vanilla Javascript Vanilla JS & TypeScript
Electron Electron
Regular Expressions Regular Expressions/ig
Graphic Design CSS & Graphic Design
Adobe photoshop Adobe Photoshop
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Logic Pro

Coming Soon - Development blog... (yes real articles!)

WIRELESS MIDI With Raspberry PI (Part 1) Thu, 22 Jul 1779

Every musician working in a home studio suffers from the famous “cable” flood problems.
While portable keyboards have become more available lately, I still noticed the hefty price tag and the abnormal velocity response. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself. With my recently purchased new MacBook Air M1, I discovered the wonders of USB hubs and that some machines might give us a hard time with the lack of some still popular input types. ....

Facial landmark recognition with neural networks Thu, 22 Jul 1779

Face recognition appears to be much more simpler then it is. All you need is a webcam, a Python and OpenCV/DLib able machine and we are good to go...
in this article I will explain how to trace facial features and augment them....

Dont worry - "It's in the Cloud" Thu, 22 Jul 1779

Pros and cons of cloud, cost, security etc... vs on premise



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